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We are happy to take on any aspect of your event; from some simple AV, to Project Managing one aspect of the event, right through to complete management of everything happening, at before and after the event.


As one of the most experienced production companies, we are your perfect partner to look after the technical, production, and infrastructure requirements for your event.  We own one of the most diverse stocks of equipment, so we can respond quickly, and be flexible with working to tight budgets.  Many clients work with us to provide just one aspect of their event.

Our range of Production Services includes:

Audio Visual Support

Stage Construction and Rigging

Custom Set Build

Drapery and Décor

Graphics, Filming and Visuals

Show Production


We offer our Project Management Services for when you want us to take responsibility and accountability for an aspect of your event.  This can include some production services and usually involves working closely with venues, licensing officers, brand consultants etc.

As your Project Manager we can offer:

Defining the scope of our responsibility so that you can rest assured we are dealing with it.

Access to our full range of production services on preferential rates

Liaising with other contractors - booked by you or ourselves

Working with show producers or designers to deliver their creative visions

Consulting brand and PR consultants

CAD and visualisation services


Where required, we are happy to take on full management of your event including production, security, infrastructure etc. 

Our experience of makes us an ideal partner to manage your entire event.  Our experience ranges from weddings to festival sites, to PR projects, to conferences and road shows.  This range of experience means we understand the vital importance of balance between aesthetics, budget, deadlines, marketing and stakeholder relationships.

The key benefits to using ProTech as your event management company are:

Experience - our experience means we can give you the right advice and pre-empt any difficulties to ensure smooth delivery

Full-time staff - your point of contact and support team are all employed on a full-time basis, which that you receive a smooth service through

Efficient Admin - this is something you would only notice if it didnt exist.  Our administration processes ensure all arrangements and agreements are recorded and well-communicated to all members of the team.  This means we deliver what we say we are going to deliver

Backup support - as we own such a wide range of equipment and resources in-house you have immense backup support from us.

Value for money - our ownership of equipment means that we are not at the mercy of supplier's prices, or the cost of transport, this means that we can offer more for your budget

Fixed-Budget Project Pricing - In most cases, we can accept full responsibility for delivery of a complete event objective within a fixed project price.  This means that you don't need to worry about, or be billed for, minor variations that happen along the way.  We have found this is crucial when working with agencies, PR companies etc.




Audio Visual is the background of ProTech and to this day we stay at the forefront of delivering crisp images, perfect sound, beautiful lighting and attractive sets for a wide range of events.

We can service a full range of AV services from our in-house stock of equipment, including:

High Definition Video Projection

Plasma Screens

Speech and Sound Reinforcement

Conference and event pre-production

Video and slide preparation

Video post production




Lighting is an extremely effective way of creating the atmosphere you want for your Event.  You will want your guests to feel relaxed, excited, full of anticipation, and enthusiastic...or a combination of all of these!

We can create the mood you want using colours, shapes, toning effects and angles. The correct and safe use of rigging gives us the perfect canvas to work from.  Lighting equipment used creatively provides the perfect atmosphere.




Our Special Projects Team can design, risk assess and build an impressive range of structures or custom builds to fulfill your brief.

Working with Structural Engineers and the manufacturers of our equipment, we establish the feasibility of any rigging or custom build project. Whether you want to create a ramp down a hill, a stage on which cars will be driven, or large overhead structures, we are able to assist.




Merging visual art and cutting edge lighting and projection technology, our design and creative skills are superlative.

We can provide visuals, projections and graphics for everything from branded prints to 3D animated projection on buildings.

We have also designed and built an enormous water screen which is ideal as awe-inspiring centrepiece to any event - as long as there is plenty of water available for us to access!




ProTech operates a full in-house custom-built workshop and can offer both custom and "off the shelf" set solutions.

This is an industry leading resource that allows us to give you the unique and creative concepts you need to make your event totally unique. A few examples can be:

Customised flat sets

Custom Outdoor Stage Hire sections

Coverings of stock items

Motorised items

Manufacture of theming items



Guests notice and appreciate decor and the overall effect of an event. 

This has encouraged us to develop a strong attention to detail in everything we do.  In addition, we have developed an enviable range of equipment and techniques to convert any event space into something unique and beautiful.

We have taken on decor projects ranging from VIP seating areas overlooking large spaces, to draping and decorating marquees, to dressing entire aircraft hangars.


 Artist Management


We take care of all the artist requirements for your event. With a wide range of database to choose from we have every kind of artists available to meet your need and requirements.

We provide a wide range to artists to choose from such as

  • Bands
  • DJs
  • Dance Troupes
  • Motivational Speakers 
  • Tribute Bands
  • Drum Cafe
  • Team Building
  • Ghazal Bands
  • Belly Dancers
  • Fire Dancers
  • Percussionists
  • Stand up Comedians
  • Musicians
  • Emcees
  • Celebrity Comperes
  • Illutionists





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